Singer-songwriter and recording artist Shane Rennison hails from the Catskills of Upstate New York, bringing genuine, soulful energy to everything he does, from his diverse array of covers to his authentic and emotive original songs. 

Rennison’s debut album Irrational is set to release June 28th, 2024. Singles “What You Need To Know,” and “Irrational” are out now and available on all streaming platforms. Music videos for each can be found on YouTube. 

“This album is a collection of 11 tracks that really capture a moment in my life. I’m grateful for each track and for the opportunity to share them.”

Rennison made Irrational with Julian Giaimo, a talented composer and audio engineer who produced the album and played a majority of the instruments. Together, the two have turned out projects like the Nice to Meet You EP and Live at the Outlier Inn. 

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to make music. I perform full time and it’s a blessing. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to do what I do but I’m grateful for the work. For this is work I choose.”

Shane performs live regularly at local venues throughout the Catskills, covering over 150 different bands across multiple genres. Join him as he explores the world musically.